Picture of Oxy


Oxy, an inquisitive oxygen atom, is the intrepid captain of the Molecularium ship.
She is excited to explore Earth, the water planet. On this voyage, her confidence grows and her curiosity is fed by the new worlds that she discovers as they search for the secret of LIFE!

Picture of Hydro


Hydro is an energetic, young hydrogen atom.

He is eager to explore the universe and can’t wait to fly the Molecularium ship. He gets liquid sick, is uncomfortable in large crowds and sometimes acts impulsively.

Picture of Hydra


Hydra is an enthusiastic hydrogen atom who is curious about everything.

She is a fast study and asks lots of questions. She has an adventurous and independent spirit that can sometimes get her into trouble.

Picture of MEL


MEL is the computer of the Molecularium.

He is programmed to assist the crew of the ship with their mission and answer any question. While extremely knowledgeable, Mel doesnʼt know everything. Like any computer, Mel has a few bugs of his own. He is programmed to be unemotional, but grows attached to his crew.

Picture of Carbon


Carbón, an intergalactic rambler, loves any opportunity for bold adventures.

He is an enthusiast for life and his confidence is contagious. When we meet Carbón he is aimless, drifting in the vacuum of space. A mysterious hitchhiker, he quickly wins over our travelers with his songs and good humor. Boarding the Molecularium propels his ambitions to join the most sophisticated molecules in the Universe and become part of LIFE.