My Molecularium

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“Angry birds meets nanoscience, with this sling-shot style molecule building game…This is a fun game that is well worth the download.” – Children’s Technology Review

My Molecularium is a fun and challenging molecule building game. Launch atoms at target bond sites to assemble essential molecules of increasing complexity and difficulty. Move your device to direct your shots using our innovative laser-guided aim.

Learn to use the chemical and structural formulas to help you build a wide range of important molecules, from water and vitamin C to caffeine and adrenaline.

Have fun learning about molecules as you play.

Nominated for Best Mobile Game App of 2017 by The Best Mobile App Awards

“My Molecularium is an outstanding app designed for chemistry and biochemistry students. The game features outstanding three-dimensional graphics…is highly entertaining and a lot of fun to play…This app is free on the App Store and it’s highly educational. Best of all, it’s FUN! What’s not to like? Highly Recommended. 4.5 Stars!” – BESTAPPSFORKIDS.COM

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